ISA rates slump to record lows

Providers pull 329 products in six months to June.

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1 in 10 workers stop pension contributions

COVID-19 forces some to cut their cloth accordingly.

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Junior ISA

Tapered annual pension allowance rises to £200,000

A break for most high earners, but does it go far enough?

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1.6 million face retirement with no private pension

Government statistics reveal shortfall.

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Workplace pension participation levels hits new high

Participation rate increased 30% over eight years.

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IFS: ‘Pensions should be liable for inheritance tax’

Cutting pensions tax relief seems unlikely.

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'Steady decline' in self-employed savers

Active savers’ rate falls 12% in ten years.

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Govt. urged to allow flexible state pension withdrawals

Report calls for an end to the “all or nothing” choice.

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Families miss out on £2,000 in tax-free childcare

Only 172,000 parents claim the support.

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