Employers are being warned not to reduce levels of workplace safety training as a way of saving costs.

The new Health and Safety (Offences) Act reinforces the need to provide good safety management with the introduction of more stringent penalties for firms that break the law on health and safety.

The British Safety Council (BSC) said that employers must be mindful of the need to keep safety systems in place.

A recent BSC survey revealed that six out of ten employees have received little safety workplace training.

Brian Nimick, the chief executive officer of the BSC, said: “With the new risk of higher fines and possible imprisonment for health and safety offences, this law should act as a deterrent an increase awareness of the need to adequately train and protect workers.”

Mr Nimick also advised employers tempted to cut back on training that the consequences of doing so could be costly.

He said: “Risks including accidents, illness and even deaths among the workforce could cost far more in the long term than the short term savings gained from cutting back on training.”

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