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With fixed fee structures, free on-going telephone advice and comprehensive services and mentoring, Torevell Dent Accounting Halifax can give you all the financial support you need, tailored to you and your business. Getting help with business plans and financial forecasts is beneficial however established your business is.

Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good business proposition and the enterprise and commitment to see it through, not because they are experts in the legal, financial, and fiscal aspects of running a business.

Indeed, these matters can often seem daunting, and even off-putting, to the budding entrepreneur. The good news is that you do not need to be an expert in these fields to succeed in business. All you need is the support of a team of trained experts.

That’s where Torevell Dent fits in. Bring us your business ideas and we’ll help you to evaluate them in a constructive and realistic manner.

Business Plans and Forecasts

A business plan is a written document that describes your business. It includes marketing and sales strategies, market research, objectives both short and long term, how the company will be managed and financial forecasts. There are many uses for your business plan from securing funding or a grant to helping you evaluate your businesses success.

A business plan is intended to be a living document – it can help you to avoid pitfalls before they occur and to monitor and measure your success. It should develop as your business develops and should be used to help you plan and reach targets. It should be an honest representation of your business and reputation with realistic goals set.

Financial Forecasts

Financial forecasts are a crucial part of your business plan. They help you to spot potential problems in advance and plan your business growth. Effective financial forecasting takes into account things such as interest rates, VAT, PAYE, cost of raw materials, creditors and all aspects of cash flow. As a new or recently established business it is sometimes worth having financial forecasts on a weekly or monthly basis, not just annually.

Forecasting helps to avoid eventualities which will seriously dent your cash flow. Of course, there are many unforeseen circumstances such as the economic environment, new competition or a bad debt that could do damage in the short term, but robust and realistic plans and forecasts will help your business to thrive despite the odd set-back. If you do not use these plans then set-backs are harder to manage and recover from.

At Torevell Dent Accounting Halifax, our team of advisors are on hand to help you set out an effective business plans and forecasts which will help you to secure funding, build trust with your first customers and ensure your goals are well thought out and realistic.

You could spend a lot of your working day, sweating over your business plans and financial forecasts, which is why Torevell Dent are here to support you while you get on with running and growing your business.

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